This is a series of articles about how I see the mindsets of some cultural areas. I intend to write about each of these cultures separately, but first I will start with some aspects I notice at the human mindset in general. Initially I wanted to title this series “Perceiving identity”, but, as I immersed in this variety of cultural angles, a more appropriate title turned out to be “Perceiving complexity”.

The general aspects

Part 1 — Masculine and feminine approaches to the raw reality

Part 2 — How people tend to deal with simple patternization of the world

Part 3 — Feminine raw reality perspectives usually taken in consideration by men

Part 4 — Feminine raw reality perspectives usually not noticed by men

Part 5 — Other feminine (informal) angles of social involvement

Part 6 — Quirks of the human mind

Part 7 — Surprisingly, these quirks open some unexpected perspectives

Part 8 — Classical masculine organization

Part 9 — Men noticing directly the raw reality perspective

Part 10 — Men messed up by the raw reality perspective

Part 11 — The relevant Albanian and Altaic aspects

Part 12 — The Middle Eastern background of the relevant Jewish aspects

Part 13 — How I see the Jewish religious experience

Part 14 — How I see the Jewish masculinity relating to this religious experience

Part 15 — Exploring more immediate aspects

Part 16 — Pondering about Jewishness at the present tense

Part 17 — Some aspects I notice about the Jewish expression in the modern world

… to be continued

Additional texts

India — Bharat — Tianzhu/Tenjiku

Backgammon, nard, billiards: games about overlapping narratives

Part 1 — Backgammon

Part 2 — Nard

Part 3 — Billiards

Some Lebanese female singers facing static mental plateaus

How I see the Abrahamic religions

Part 1 — The origins of the Jewish perspective and the ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian context

Part 2 — Some practical consequences of the Jewish worldview

… to be continued

Old Abrahamic religious mindsets in new IT companies

The short version

The long version:

Part 1 — Operating systems as a coherent organization when aware of the larger complexity of life

Part 2 — A bigger picture about the perception of the mental fluidity as child-like in some Asian cultures

Part 3 — Further study around the topic of mental fluidity perceived as child-like

Part 4 —How I see the abyssal Jewish experience and its history

Part 5 — How I see the genesis of the Islamic mindset

Part 6 — The Islamic mindset

Part 7 —The novel One Hundred Years of Solitude as an interesting counterpart

Part 8 — The Islamic mindset at Apple

… to be continued

The mindset of the populations of Siberian origin

Part 1 —Thinking processes with a rather fluid base

Part 2 — Some awareness of the complexity of the raw reality

Part 3 — The origin of this awareness may be the harsh life there

Part 4 —Living with this awareness

Part 5 — Ebru thinking process as a single thought thread in the raw reality

Part 6 — The fluid psychological power at the Altaic people

Part 7 — Dealing with the complexity the ebru thinking supposes

Part 8 — Men dealing with the fluid psychological power and the ebru thinking

Part 9 — Shame and fragility about the Altaic take on masculinity, as stemming from views originating from other cultural influences

Part 10 — Effects on classical simplistic human social organization when you have such awareness of a fluid psychology

Part 11 — Men realizing how to take in consideration this fluid psychology

Part 12 — Approaches developed by women when dealing with men that do not really know how to work well with this originally feminine psychology and some aspects that some women do not realize in this situation

Part 13 — More in-depth perceptions around the organizational and refreshing possibilities offered by nature

Part 14 — The musical evolutions of some female singers

Part 15 — The supernova effect

Part 16 — Reactive “rule of the idiots”

… to be continued

Struggling to keep the situation functional” series:

Alexander Lukashenko