Organization and dynamism

Alin Dosoftei
2 min readSep 18, 2021


(Part of the series Perceiving complexity)

The dynamic human sense of organization is something groundbreaking and increasingly disruptive in the long history of life on Earth. For a long time, the concept of complex life was largely defined by the DNA as the relevant organizational structure, with individuals belonging to species sharing almost similar DNA. The freshness infused in such structures appeared through random DNA changes, which, if proved successful, could turn into new species.

The human abstract thinking turned into a new ground for organization, with a huge potential of dynamism. The speed of infusion of freshness in this kind of organization rather harks back to what is possible for the simplest unicellular beings and viruses. Yet, the humans did not also have relevant psychological tools to work with such potential and much of the human history is about a tension between tradition as a plateau of static organization taken as the normality by default and infusion of new perception angles.

The modernity is increasingly aware of fluid possibilities of psychological dynamism, yet it continues to have an awkward relation with this. Think of how people can have both Instagram and TikTok accounts. The environment in the former is about presenting an ideal curated image of themselves in order to fulfill a sense of mastering the current ecosystem of meaning in social life, which gives them a feeling of being in control of the situation in their lives. The latter’s environment is about letting your mind go in all kinds of unexpected directions and refresh yourself beyond the current sense of social organization.

Instagram was acquired by Facebook, which works with a similar attention to the ecosystems of meaning in people’s minds, but with much more integration of the “TikTok” side of the human psychology, thus with a much more Freudian and Kafkian realism about the human mind. It acquired Instagram to keep up also with the tendency to just present an ideal self-image.

A human bubble of knowledge is under impression it has some basics in understanding the world, and from those basics it can expand in any direction, like a spider web. Yet, it is constantly infused with unexpected “TikTok”perspectives beyond it and this can determine in time changes, divergences, convergences etc.

The Jewish worldview happened to have some increased awareness about such inputs that show what is beyond the bubble. This initially determined an exacerbation of the tendency to preserve the sense of reality of such a bubble of knowledge.

Facebook is able to sustain in the same framework the unfoldment of a plurality of divergent evolutions of ecosystems of meaning that appear as a result of the underlying “TikTok” side of the human mind. Each of these ecosystems tends to be convinced in its own beliefs, yet Facebook can sustain all of them in the same framework.